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Do's & Don'ts

Only the one who has traveled knows that the holes are deep. But if you are new to travel then we'll tell you which holes are deep and which are cake walk. Every state in India has its own culture, traditions, food, attire and language. In order to make your travel a soothing journey, we have mentioned some of the dos and don't s that you must take care of while on your travel to the historic city of Ahmedabad.

  • The first and foremost thing to take care about is to ensure that you have your tickets booked in advance. This will provide you ample relaxation and you can travel with ease.
  • People in Ahmedabad respect their culture and traditions. Never use bad words for it otherwise you have to face something severe. Respect the local culture.
  • Most importantly, respect the religious sanctity of holy places. Remove your shoes outside before entering an religious monument or building. It would be appreciated if you cover your head inside any religious or holy place.
  • Do not damage or deface the heritage buildings. Such an act is punishable by law. You may be fined or even prosecuted for it.
  • Beware of Porters at airport. They will make you go mad to carry your luggage but may vanish away with it. Take care of your luggage.
  • Auto rickshaws drivers can make you go crazy around the streets of Ahmedabad. They may ask 4-5times the normal fare. Best way would be to hire metered rickshaws.
  • Always eat something cooked. Eating raw or tinned food will make you fall ill.
  • Bargaining is most important while shopping. You can expect 10-20% discount at a well established shop. You can get about 30% discount if buying in bulk.
  • There is no dress restriction observed here. You can wear any dress of your choice except for any revealing outfit, which is not appreciated here.
  • Do not travel alone in the night for it's better safe than sorry.
  • Do not travel in city buses with lots of cash. Pickpockets are common in city buses.
  • Always buy tickets before entering any historical monument. If found without a ticket, you may be fined. At few places you may need to buy separate tickets to take your cameras inside a monument.
  • Must ask before taking any body's picture. Respect the privacy of people.

Some Travel Tips

  • A valid passport is a must to ensure in order to avoid problems with immigration department.
  • Always keep a note of your credit card number and account number at a safer place. You may need them if you loose your cards while on travel.
  • India has well established retail outlets which have collection of international brands. So if you are visiting any of its state, you can reduce burden of our luggage by carrying as least as possible. You can always shop and getting clothes stitched will not take much time.
  • There is a great variety of hotels available in Ahmedabad. You can choose the one which suits best to your pocket.
  • Never follow instructions of a stranger. Always confirm from local people.

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